1202 – Building Security Models in Microsoft Dynamics 365

July 29 2019 9:00 AM – July 30, 2019 4:30 PM 


Course Description

No matter the system, process, or software that is being used, one of the single biggest points of concerns for organizations around the world is security. There is no place that this security is requested for more than when looking for programs that will deal with customer and important stakeholder information. Since 2013, Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM has been supplying customers with a strong out of the box security platform to house and manage stakeholder info. It has also provided users the ability to design a complex security structure from the ground up. This course goes in depth to show you how to accomplish this. This 2-day course picks up where the entry-level Bootcamp finishes and brings users up to speed on the tools and steps they need to understand everything about the security system in Microsoft Dynamics, and will allow them to build a secure and safe network on their CRM. Topics include understanding the Dynamics Security Architecture, tracking security metrics, and advanced tools for security configuration


This course is intended for Business Analysts, Administrators and IT Staff interested in learning more about the security side of Dynamics, or who will be implementing a security model for their organization.


2 Days


1195.00 CAD


  • The Dynamics CRM Bootcamp (or equivalent experience)
  • Knowledge of the Office 2013 suite



  • Gain an in depth understanding of the architecture in place for Microsoft CRM and its impact on security
  • Develop the skills required to build a security model from the ground up
  • Learn about tools available in CRM to configure advanced security structures
  • Understand how to monitor and update security models using CRM’s reporting capabilities



  • Module 1 – Refresher on Security in Dynamics 365
    • Overview of CRM Customization and Configuration
    • Basics of Security Roles
    • Users, Layout and Multiple Roles
  • Module 2 – Security Architecture for Dynamics 365
    • Multi-Tier Architecture
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Security Development Lifecycle
    • Encryption
  • Module 3 – Security Design Patterns that improve UI and security: Dashboards, Forms and SiteMap
    • Dashboards
    • Tracking Ownership
    • Design a tracking Dashboard
    • Forms
    • Access Teams
    • Field Security
  • Module 4 – Building a Local Admin Roles
    • Creating a Hierarchy Structure
    • Permissions for Admin and working your way down
    • Ideal Roles
  • Module 5 – D365 Secure Infrastructure Design
    • Privileges
    • User Structure
    • Predefined Security Roles
    • Steps to Modernize your Security Model
  • Module 6 – XRM Tools for scaling advanced Security Configuration
    • Using Business Rules
    • Using Workflows for Security


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