Introduction to Dynamics 365 for Public Sector

Next course date:

November 4th, 2020 9:00am EST -4:00pm EST

December 3rd, 2020 9:00am EST – 4:00pm EST

Course Description

A one-day instructor-led course providing an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This course places a focus on the application of Dynamics 365 solution for the public sector. It covers key concepts related to applying Dynamics 365. It provides a foundation for other Microsoft Dynamics 365 courses and includes hands-on exercises to complement student learning.



This course is intended for CXO’s, Directors, Managers and Staff who plan to use, implement, enhance, or support Microsoft Dynamics 365 in their organization. This user-friendly course is intended for anyone who wants to gain foundational knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Admission Cost:

$399.00               (1 day – Introductory course)

Course Pre-requisites

No prerequisite training or skills required other than general exposure to office desktop applications.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to do the following:

  • Understand key Microsoft Dynamics 365 concepts.
  • Explain how customer data (e.g. Cases, Contacts, Organizations…) are recorded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how to configure personal options.
  • Work with case, contact(individual) and organization(account) records and views.
  • Use Search and Reporting functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Complete basic Exports & Imports of records with Microsoft
  • Create charts and dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics.

    Course Modules

    Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365

    This module provides a high-level overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 concepts and describes ways to navigate the application.


    • CRM terminology
    • Accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Application navigation and user interface
    • Getting help
    • Setting personal options

    Module 2: Working with Information Entities

    This module explains how client, case management and marketing data are used in
    Microsoft Dynamics 365. It describes how contacts, notes, attachments, connection
    and activities are recorded in Dynamics.


    • Managing client data
    • Creating/managing case data
    • Creating/managing marketing data
    • Using the interaction wall
    • Record ownership and Assignment
    • Using the business process flow

    Module 3: Viewing and Searching Information

    This module describes how to filter, search and edit information for a variety of purposes.


    • Search tools
    • Advanced Find
    • Managing views
    • Editing and deleting records
    • Bulk data modifications
    • Importing and exporting data

    Module 4: Working with Reports, Charts and Dashboards

    This module describes ways to visualize and report data in Microsoft Dynamics 365.


    • Report Wizard
    • Charts
    • Dashboards
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