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Portals for Dynamics CRM and Customer Experience Management (CEM) Training

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Course Description

This course is a 5 day training targeted at using configurable, client-facing portal solutions for Dynamics CRM. Students will observe the key uses as well as the limits of configurable portal tools, learn effective strategies for selecting appropriate portal solutions and then in-depth development and implementation for both configurable and custom solutions in Dynamics CRM.

Day 1 – Introduction to the Dynamics Portal (includes ADX 7.0/8.3 modules)

Day 2 – Common Portal frameworks for electronic service delivery

Day 3 – Introduction to customer experience management (CEM)

Day 4 – Extending Dynamics Portals Studios Day 1 (includes ADX 7.0/8.3 modules)

Day 5 – Extending ADX Portals Studios Day 2 (includes ADX 7.0/8.3 modules)

Examples and success stories from existing case studies and live production environments are shared to demonstrate and validate successful theories and methodologies in practice today regarding portal development for Dynamics CRM. Key lessons learned from projects that came up against challenges are reviewed with potential solutions and approaches both to avoid these pitfalls and how to recover from a misstep.


None, a base domain knowledge of liquid coding, .NET development, content management and HTML 5 coding is recommended.


2,950.00 CAD


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Strategize a Portal implementation for complex and simple form requirements
  • Using a pre-defined template, setup a plan to implement ADX, eServices and custom additions to a portal
  • Understand the website structure and setup of an ADX portal
  • Configure an ADX portal on a CRM instance
  • Use the content management features of ADX
  • Use the Site Settings features of ADX
  • Understand the eServices website structure
  • Understand how to setup Programs in eServices
  • Understand how to setup and configure forms in eServices
  • Understand how to configure and wire a form life-cycle in eServices
  • Configuring ADX snippets
  • Uploading and configuring CSS bootstrap styles
  • Developing solutions in .NET for portals
  • Using the ADX developer resources
  • Building portal interfaces to ADX, eServices and Dynamics CRM in general

Day 1 – Dynamics Portals Modules

Module 1 – Introduction to Portals for CRM (includes ADX 7.0/8.3 modules)

  • Common Uses
  • Separating out versions, What is ADX 7.0, 8.3?
  • Off the Shelf Templates
  • Determining the best template for your requirements

Module 2 – Planning out your Portal Implementation

  • Feature resources and review
  • Waterfall or Agile? Critical Analysis
  • Scope Assessment
  • EX-2 Planning out an Dynamics Portal/ ADX implementation

Module 3 – Designing a Dynamics Portal

  • The Sitemap and Main page
  • Form Mockups
  • Determining gap features
  • EX-3 Design a Form

Module 4 – Configuring your Dynamics Portal (includes ADX 7.0/8.3 modules)

  • Main Page and Site map
  • Forms and Fields
  • Data Mapping and limitations
  • EX-4 Configure a Website and Form with Dynamics/ADX Portals

Day 2 – eServices Modules

Module 1 – Introduction to eServices and eSubmission

  • Common Uses
  • Starting from a Form Library
  • EX-1 Picking library sections for your implementation

Module 2 – Planning out your eSubmission

  • Features: When to use eSubmission
  • Scope Assessment
  • EX-2 Planning out an eSubmission implementation

Module 3 – Designing an eSubmission Portal

  • The Sitemap and Main page
  • Form Mockups
  • Form Fields and Program setup
  • EX-3 Design a Form

Module 4 – Configuring eSubmission

  • Programs, Components and Site map
  • Forms and Fields
  • Data Mapping
  • EX-4 Configure a Website and Form with eSubmission

Day 3 to 5 Introduction to Customer Experience Management & Extending Portals

Module 1 – Customer Experience Management

Module 2 – Enhancing Configurable features

Module 3 – Conditional business rules for your forms

Module 4 – Building a grid/ inline-editable form controls

Module 5 – Interfacing to SharePoint and other document management Solutions

Module 6 – Deployment techniques

Module 7 – Pitfalls and lessons learned on Portals for CRM

Module 8 – Additional resources and tools for Portal development

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