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GoC Personnel Security Screening Solution

IMPORTANT UPDATES: In light of development regarding COVID-19 this event will now be held online through WEBEX. Please login through the WEBEX link and we will redirect you with the updated meeting credentials. 

Join us for a briefing and demonstration of our modernized GoC personnel security screening solution.

Our goal is to exchange information, insights, and learn about how this solution will meet your requirements.

Event Details

Date:  Tuesday, April 7th 2020

Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm


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Access key:199 478 795

Please confirm your attendance to Michelle Evraire –  Federal Gov’t Lead



  • Opening Remarks:  Michelle Evraire, Microsoft Canada.
  • Overview of Personnel Security Screening Solution: Eric Alain, President of Eperformance Inc. a Microsoft Partner
  • Demonstration:  Todd Moore and David Hoodspith, Eperformance
  • Discussion & Roundtable:   Exchanging information and feedback on solution.
Key benefits of this solution include:
  1. A government compliant security assessment and file monitoring tool allowing hiring and security officials to be more responsive
  2. Automatic generation and management of security forms including the PSCA Form (330-23), Security Clearance Form (330-60), Security Screening Certificates and Briefing Form (330-47) etc.
  3. Expedited reliability testing cycles
  4. An integrated security file database eliminating paper and semi-automated process
  5. Detailed and complete security files on all staff leveraging advanced case management for security assessment and monitoring
  6. A common security file model allowing security files to follow employees transferring between Departments.
  7. Ability to manage many facets of Departmental personnel security including incident management and secure asset management.
Key features:
  • Adheres to the GoC Standards (Standard Application forms i.e. 330-23, 330-60)
  • Operates at Protected B (PB/M/M)
  • Automates the Security Screening Request Process
  • Status Tracking for Security Applicants
  • Maintains a complete Security File on staff
  • Electronic Transfer of Security Files Between Departments
  • Incident Management
    • Incident Intake and Investigation
    • Incident History
  • Integrates with related security systems (i.e. fingerprinting, card production, HR)
  • Dashboards and Flexible Reporting