Customer Success Services

Eperformance implements advanced solutions for the Public Sector that include grants management, digital service portals, and security management. Once a solution has been implemented by our project delivery teams, our Customer Success team offers a range of services that assist our clients in maximizing user uptake, and the efficient and effective operation of the new solution in their environment.

Help Desk

At Eperformance our aim is to provide our customers with dependable, high quality, software support services that maximizes system performance and availability, while making client satisfaction the end goal. This is achieved through the provision of the following:

  • Single point of contact for the capture and coordination of all user support incidents by skilled technical staff; 
  • Management of the capture, resolution and escalation of support incidents;
  • Automation of support management through software based support issue management tools.

Our help desk support service is a multi-channel access service where users may submit support calls by telephone, email request or through the support web portal. Calls originating from any of these channels are further categorized into “call type” and “call priority” depending on the nature and severity of the call.

Regular statistics and reports provide detailed analysis of support trends that lead to increased efficiency.

Our goal is to provide a consistent quality of service throughout our client support engagements.

Software Assurance

Our software assurance service keeps you up to date with the latest versions of Eperformance software solutions including Grant+, Intake+, and Security+. Central access to this service is through the Eperformance Help desk. Users under an active support agreement may call or email the help desk to access revisions, technical support or report current technical issues related to our solutions. Our online support portal allows our clients to track and expedite all calls in progress. All issues are triaged and escalated to our product maintenance teams as input to the optimization of our products.

This service includes the release of periodic updates to Eperformance software solutions as they become available.

Customer Success Support Agreements

Providing support services for the client-side operation of our solutions is key to maximizing the every-day business benefits of our solutions.

Through a designated Customer Success support contact, clients can extend their in-house business and technical teams with access to highly skilled specialists that may include Grant Automation specialists, Digital Service specialists, Security automation specialists, CRM Software Engineers, CRM Applications Specialists, Database Architects, and Report and System Specialists. Through “just-in -time” ad hoc support, or scheduled services, the right skills can be applied to technical challenges of any complexity.

Inquire about our Customer Success Service Level Agreement that provide highly skilled resources and competitive prices, as they are needed.