Government Portals 

Avoid paper and make it easier for everyone. The Intake+ software solution component extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a public facing online service for your clients. With this service, clients can securely register and conduct business through online forms that interact with your organization’s programs and services.

Improves efficiency and satisfaction by
engaging clients or stakeholders in service delivery

Improving and extending your relationship with your clients is at the core of any modern service. Paper, email and PDF files assist in the flow of information to your organization but are often difficult to track and manage.  The Intake+ Portal provides advanced submission management adding structure and efficiency to the recording and exchange of information with clients.

If receiving and exchanging information with your clients is key to your service success, our portal solution can empower your clients to self-serve on the web, or with a mobile device, and conduct business with you, for example, initiate a request for funding, get and manage a permit, or issue a contract. Making it easier for them – makes it easier for you.

Reduces the time and cost of receiving critical, timely updates

In the past, the opportunity for interactions with clients was limited by the high cost (time and money) of each interaction. With the Eperformance Intake+ Portal you can be flexible about the number of interactions needed, without adding extra burden to your administrative staff. For example, more information can be requested from some clients, and less from others. Based on rules you set, the portal can require your clients to update information important to your interactions with them, for example, changing addresses, updating banking information, or providing financial details, or updating information about a submission to your program or service.

Engaging your clients online increases their sense of control over the process, improving satisfaction while reducing red tape and service delivery costs. That in turn improves business performance.

Ensures your online solution remains accessible, useable and future-proof

Once installed, our team provides regular releases of our Intake+ Portal. This ensures that your investment remains accessible, useable and up-to-date with technology advances. It also ensures a consistent quality of service to your clients. Our solution is available on premise, or as a cloud service.