Funding Programs with Grant+

 The Grant+ software application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provides a library of grant management services that empowers your organization to manage a range of funding programs from application, through award and grant administration. You can configure Grant+ to support multiple program services and program service types including grants, contributions, loans, and subsidies to name a few. Grant+ brings the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the funding professional.

Grant Management

Grants and contributions programs are key tools used by public service organizations to deliver results by investing in citizens. Grant+ is a modern cloud service that assists granting agencies in meeting the challenges of delivering program services efficiently, ensuring a high degree of client service, while also enabling improved results tracking and generation. Our Grant+ solution delivers features to support the end to end grant process as an online service.

Subsidy Management

Subsidy programs are a popular government service targeting social improvement through social support services. Grant+ automates the subsidy entitlement process through intelligent application forms and results-based funding formulas. Grant+ allows agencies to assist citizens through effective, results-based subsidy program services leveraging the power and reach of online clouds services. 

Loans Management

Loan programs are another investment tool used by government agencies to drive social and economic results. Grant+ provides an advanced cloud service to simplify the application and assessment of  loan funding and later administer the automated re-payment loan accounts. Grant+ supports multiple loan program services online, and can be integrated with Granting program services to maximize their results of funding programs.

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