Our Secure Cloud

Our proven and secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is the ideal solution for organizations that wish to host an Eperformance solution, or to store, access or manage critical or sensitive data that requires the best in a secure, high performance, managed service.

Proactive Security

The Eperformance cloud service provides your solution with multiple cyber security layers — coupled with proactive managed security and service — to protect your data from threat actors and malicious organizations. Our industry-leading integrated security layers enable Eperformance halt cyber threats, and dissuade those behind them. Our environment meets ITSG requirements for solution hosting, meaning once your solution is certified, you can be confident we are proactively protecting your data, ensuring 99.5% solution availability during scheduled uptime.

Scalable Performance

Eperformance takes an innovative approach to cloud design that uses security to enhance the performance of our cloud infrastructure and the solutions hosted it. In addition to providing a high performance environment for your solution during peak periods, our infrastructure is designed for scalability, enabling you to maximize and accelerate your cloud investment.

Responsive Service

Focus on what matters most: your business. That is why Eperformance provides premium solution management and implementation support. We ensure your migration to our secure cloud is worry-free, and that you are able to get the support you need when you need it.

Our Secure Cloud Service: Key Features

The Eperformance cloud service provides maximum security and compliance, while offering scalability and performance in a trusted environment. Do you know who you can call if an issue arises with your current solution? How long will it take to address the issue? Eperformance performs for you. Our turn-key cloud hosting solution meets your most sensitive data workloads, providing advanced threat intelligence, and a dedicated security team that is available 24/7 to identify and address any threats, while integrating the latest in protection for your solution.

Automated Backups

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Management 2010 Server that performs backups to all development, test and production environments. The environment is completely virtualized with either VMware or Hyper-V. Backups are performed at regular intervals with frequencies of up to every 15 minutes as per specific needs.

Tier III Security

Our National Data Center is a highly secure environment certified to Tier III. It can support a variety of secure standards including Protected B ready to support secure Government application services.

Multiple Firewalls protect various security zones (Systems Zone, Client zones, De-militarized Zone – DMZ) depending on the level of data sensitivity (i.e. Protected A, B, C). Three-factor authentication with multiple codes is applied as needed. Tok