Security Screening

Security+  is a security management application for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that supports the logging and tracking of Security Information throughout an individuals employment cycle with an Agency.  It provides the full range of functionality for security screening and security level assessment, and for the ongoing security file management of staff including security card tracking, incident management, administration, and performance tracking. Security+ meets the rigorous security standards and compliance requirements of Government Agencies.

The Challenge

Government Agencies go to great lengths to protect the security of people and information involved in the day-to-day business of serving the public. Employee Security screening and security file management is an important element in maintaining secure government operations. It involves considerable process and due diligence including detailed security application forms, live scan finger printing, criminal record checks, credit checks, secure level processing, and security incident management. With increasing, world-wide focus on information security, government agencies are feeling the pressure to modernize their approach to personnel security.

A Day in the life of the Personnel Security Officer

The current process of screening new staff to determine whether an individual will present, or become, a security concern, often starts with a Hiring Official. The Hiring Official makes a request to the security department for the initial finger printing, criminal record checks, and credit checks for new recruits. A successful assessment at this stage may result in achieving reliability status for the candidate, leading to the next stage of processing, where the candidate must complete a  detailed security application for review by the Department’s personnel security officer who will review a profile of the candidate to determine whether the candidate can be approved to the required security level. During this stage Personnel security officials can spend considerable time, reviewing, verifying, and requesting further information to complete the necessary due diligence for this security assessment. The process is burdened with manual activity that often leads to delays in hiring. Moreover, when subsequent requests are made for security renewals, or from employees transferring to other departments, the process must be repeated. Currently, the capability does not exist to re-use and apply previous processes and information to simplify renewals, or transfers.

The Solution

Recent advancements in cloud-based case management technologies present an opportunity to apply advanced automation to the security screening and security file management processes leading to increased efficiency, and expedited security review timelines. Eperformance provides the Security+ solution which is focused on achieving this result by applying a world leading case management technology, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) as a foundation for personnel security. D365 provides the perfect platform to automate security screening and monitoring activity throughout the recruiting and employee life cycle. D365 is further enhanced with the Security+ application providing full compliance with Government security management policies and procedures, and integration to live scan identification devices, (i.e. live scan fingerprinting devices providing the advanced connectivity required to greatly reduce the delays and inefficiencies, in end to end security management for Departments.

The Benefits

Security+ can provide the following benefits to the security management operations of Government agencies:


  1. A government compliant security assessment and file monitoring tool allowing hiring and security officials to be more responsive
  2. Automatic generation and management of security forms including the PSCA Form (330-23), Security Clearance Form (330-60), Security Screening Certificates and Briefing Form (330-47) etc.
  3. Expedited reliability testing cycles (reduced from days to minutes)
  4. An integrated security file database eliminating paper and semi-automated process
  5. Detailed and complete security files on all staff leveraging advanced case management for security assessment and monitoring
  6. A common security file model allowing security files to follow employees transferring between Departments.
  7. Ability to manage all facets of Departmental security including incident management and secure asset management.

Our Product


A security platform designed to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support the logging and tracking of Security Information.  Learn more here