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Security +

Security+ is a security management platform designed to enhance Microsoft D365 to support the logging and tracking of Security Information related to the security clearance of staff in Government agencies.  It provides a full range of functionality for security screening as well as contract security file management, security card tracking, incident management, and security activity performance tracking and reporting.   Security+ provides a robust range of features, out-of-the-box, and can be further configured to meet the unique requirements of individual departments deploying this advanced security management tool.


Online Security Applications

Security+ provides an online service to streamline the processing and assessment of new recruits as they are being considered for employment. Hiring Officers have access to a Recruiting Dashboard that automates  the tracking of recruits including: issuing a link to the recruit to complete an online security screening application form; notifying the finger printing centers of the requirement for finger printing of this recruit; and status tracking of completion of reference, credit, and criminal record checking.

Security File Management

Security+ provides Security Officers with an advanced case management tool for: Security Clearance Request Assessment; Security File Management; incident management; and security activity performance tracking. Security Office dashboards provide the ability to track the clearance requests and renewals of reliability and secret clearances for the full employment life cycle of staff. A fully featured Incident Management capability allows Security Officers to track and investigate ongoing security incidents, and the actions associated with security sweeps providing a complete security file for each staff member.

Security File Transfer

Security+ captures all security data associated with the life cycle of employees within a government agency. In many cases employees change their employer and move to another agency. Security+ maintains a common data security file model, that supports the transfer of standardized security file between agencies, to minimize duplication of effort in having to re-assess the security clearance of the employee for the new agency.

Security+ Key Features

Online Security Application Processing +
  • Adheres to Government Standards​ for security clearance management
  • Supports standard security clearance request applications (i.e. Government of Canada 330-23, 330-60 forms)
  • 24/7 access to an online service for security application request forms including applicant profiles, applicant clearance request history, and security request status monitoring by applicants.
Security File Management +
  • Maintains a complete Security File on individuals​
  • Hiring Official Dashboards to track security clearance requests for new recruits including feature to request reference checks, credit checks and criminal record checks
  • Security Official Dashboards to monitor and track ongoing security requests
  • Automatic notifications to Finger Printing Centers to track fingerprint requests by Hiring and Security Officer.
  • Integrates with related security systems ​(i.e. fingerprinting, card production, HR)​
  • Electronic transfer of Security Files between departments​
Incident Management +
  • Event Management to schedule and monitor periodic or emergency events such as security sweeps
  • Security Incident Management​ to receive, process and investigate security incidents as they occur.
  • Incident History​ for future analysis and mitigation planning
  • Performance Reporting on the throughput of security requests, incidents and the overall security activity within the agency
Security and Scalability +
  • Operates at Government compliant security levels (i.e. Government of Canada Protected B (PB/M/M)​)
  • A cloud based application that is available 24/7 and can scale to support any security processing load.