Our Solution Delivery Service 

If you decide to procure an Eperformance solution on premise, or you need a specific configuration of our solution through our secure cloud, our team of project managers, business analysts, developers, testers and trainers are ready and able to support the delivery of that solution. 

Effectively And Efficiently Integrate Your New Solution

Our solution architects are Microsoft Certified Specialists (MCP) with considerable experience planning and integrating enterprise scale solutions for Public Sector Agencies, and with strong links to enterprise architecture. We will work with you technical team to explore the system level integrations needed, looking at all important technology components, and developing an approach, for example through web services or an enterprise service bus, that loosely couples your Eperformance solution to those existing components. An effective solution architecture reduces cost and risk, allowing you to operate with minimal disruptions, to transition to new solutions easily, and to ensure the business value of your Eperformance solution is maintained even as components around it evolve and shift. .

Ensure Our Solution Meets Your Business Objectives

Our business analysts will review your business objectives, analyze your current processes and identify business process alignment and solution level requirements to support efficient and effective configuration of your solution. Our solutions are designed to be configured out of the box, as they built around business models that resolve problems shared by a large number of our clients. If your requirements extend beyond the solutions we offer, the cost to build and maintain that solution grows, and our team will quickly let you know when you are crossing the line from configuration into customization. Our team assesses and shares new requirements and features to address requirements with all clients. We build on our experience and network to ensure that our solution meets your needs, without compromising on the fundamental business value the solution provides.

Deliver Your Solution On Time And On Budget

Our team of experienced project managers are Project Management Professional (PMP) certified, and are experienced working with Eperformace solutions, enabling rapid planning of scope, schedule, and needed resources. We have delivered our solution on time and on budget to many clients, and manage for all aspects of a project, including quality assurance and control, and scope management. We have an effective change management approach that manages scope, and communicates changes to budget and/or schedule.