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Grant +

The Grant+ software accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provides a library of grant management services that, once configured, empowers your organization to manage grant and contribution programs efficiently, bringing the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the granting professional.


The intake and assessment of multiple funding requests creates administrative burden that can be overwhelming, and expensive to manage. For example, do you currently approve all files at the same time, making your lower risk repeat clients wait just as long as your new clients? Do your staff feel overwhelmed during busy intake periods? By aligning risk and workload considerations with your intake, Grant+ gives you the ability to configure your program, prepare and launch program intakes. Then tracks, rank and process funding requests at least 30% faster and less expensively than in the past. Grant+ enables improved service and increased efficiency.

Enables you to implement and evolve a Grants Digital Strategy in real time

Public facing client service can be used to drive program efficiency and effectiveness. Getting approvals on funding requests later than they expect can put the results they are targeting, and funding support they have worked hard to build, at risk. Grant+ lets you track and report on your service levels, either internally or externally. Want to know which funding projects aren’t meeting your grant service delivery standards? For each funding case now, let your client know where the funding case is at in your decision-making process.


Facilitates risk, financial and performance reporting

Grant+ lets you track all information related to a single funding request, and also links that funding request to a client account. Looking for a document or request from the same client from last year? Want reports on how many funding requests you awarded, the total value of those, a breakdown of who got funding, or a summary of the results to date? All this information is easily accessed with Grant+.

Grant+ Key Features

Grants and contributions programs are key tools used by public service organizations to deliver results by leveraging the capabilities of third parties, who provide timely and effective on-the-ground delivery. Technology is fundamental to meeting the challenges of delivering your grant program efficiently, ensuring a high degree of client service, while also enabling improved results tracking and generation. Our Grant+ solution offers a number of features to align your clients, your team and your business objectives. Our Grant+ solution is configurable, and can change and adapt to the ever-changing requirements in organizations delivering grants and contributions. Grant+ is available as an on premise solution, or through our cloud service. 

Programs and departments can implement activities and controls to support standard business models including:


  • Program design from repeatable business models
  • Common information models across programs
  • Configurable performance dashboards and reports
  • Receipt and assessment of program submissions
  • Decision support and agreement generation
  • Post award agreement administration
  • Agreement monitoring and payment claims processing

Organizations can manage the full cycle of G&C cases and projects:


  • Client submission receipt and logging
  • Submission assessment and scoring
  • Multi-level review, approval, and eSignature
  • Client engagement management including alerts, notifications and amendments
  • Decision flows and business rule checklists
  • Case file management
  • Agreement generation and monitoring
  • Project monitoring and progress reporting
  • Payment claims processing, financial progress, and agreement amendment
  • Builds on standard MS Dynamics entities
  • Process information such as decision status can be pushed out to applicants to keep applicants up to date on the progress of a submission
  • Full submission control can be managed through CRM forms, business rules, and workflows.