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Intake +

Avoid paper and make it easier for everyone. The Intake+ software solution component extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a public facing online service for your clients. With this service, clients can securely register and conduct business through online forms that interact with your organization’s programs and services.

Ensures your online solution remains accessible, useable and future-proof

Once installed, our team provides regular releases of our Intake+ Portal. This ensures that your investment remains accessible, useable and up-to-date with technology advances. It also ensures a consistent quality of service to your clients. Our solution is available on premise, or as a cloud service.



Improving and extending your relationship with your clients is at the core of any modern service. Paper, email and PDF files assist in the flow of information to your organization but are often difficult to track and manage.  The Intake+ Portal provides advanced submission management adding structure and efficiency to the recording and exchange of information with clients.

If receiving and exchanging information with your clients is key to your service success, our portal solution can empower your clients to self-serve on the web, or with a mobile device, and conduct business with you, for example, initiate a request for funding, get and manage a permit, or issue a contract. Making it easier for them – makes it easier for you.


In the past, the opportunity for interactions with clients was limited by the high cost (time and money) of each interaction. With the Eperformance Intake+ Portal you can be flexible about the number of interactions needed, without adding extra burden to your administrative staff. For example, more information can be requested from some clients, and less from others. Based on rules you set, the portal can require your clients to update information important to your interactions with them, for example, changing addresses, updating banking information, or providing financial details, or updating information about a submission to your program or service.

Engaging your clients online increases their sense of control over the process, improving satisfaction while reducing red tape and service delivery costs. That in turn improves business performance.

Intake+ Key Features

Your clients are the key to achieving efficient service delivery and solid results. The Intake+ Portal allows you to engage clients with an electronic delivery service by configuring online forms for the collection and exchange of information with clients. The solution is fully web-accessible, secure, and offers the following features.

Mobile Browsing Support
  • Clients can access the portal from any modern smartphone or tablet, as all navigation, content and forms render and are fully functional on Google android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows 10 mobile and phone platforms
  • Our portal solution is fully accessible, and is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the main international standards organization for the Internet.
  • It meets accessibility requirements for many departments and agencies.
  • Compliance with standards for information technology safeguards, for secure access control, and protecting private and confidential information.
Self Registration/Self Service Portal

Clients can access online forms over the Internet through a secure electronic portal:

  • Public access through a 24/7  self-service portal.
  • Online registration with self-assigned user-ID and passwords.
  • Access with any major Web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)
Account Management
  • Clients can access an organization’s program services via a secure workspace
  • Client portfolios allow clients to access and manage multiple submissions and services
  • Submission management and history features enhance and simplify the client access experience
Integrated Forms Manager
  • A fully featured forms manager allows your technical administrators to design, create and publish a wide range of submission forms (i.e. applications, progress reports):
  • Includes a rich library of submission forms to support a variety of electronic service delivery types such as grants management, regulatory management, permit management, competition management, case management and much more.
  • Submission forms can be created, copied, and revised with full version control, and can be used across a process lifecycle.
  • High integrity data capture is accomplished through validation at the field, section, page, and form levels.
  • Digital Signature strategies can be incorporated to streamline client interaction processes.
  • Submission form tracking and auditing provides statistics to monitor operational performance of the system.
  • Form interaction features enhance the client experience by allowing re-use of data to simplify form completion
Online Review Forms

Organizations can create and publish review forms for a wide range of review and assessment purposes:

  • Multi-part online forms can be created including assessments and score sheets
  • Multiple evaluation forms can be incorporated in a review process
  • Secure access strategies can be applied to restrict access to confidential information
Online Submission Forms

Organizations can create and publish online forms for a wide range of business services:

  • Multi-part online forms including applications, claims, progress reports, and surveys
  • Highly secure processing of any submission
  • Automatic posting of submission status (i.e. approved/rejected) through private client access.
  • Automatic generation of rejection/acceptance letters/fax/email
  • Online posting facility for program guidelines and application instructions
  • Multiple language support
  • Online forms designed with field proven, user-friendly, form components
  • Multi-program, multi-form applicant history
  • Re-use of previously entered data
  • Attach associated electronic files to applications
  • Submission forms can be amended and tracked with version control
Reviewer Management

If you implement our reviewer features, reviewers can access the online reviewer portal over the Internet enabling:

  • Public access through a 24/7 self-service portal.
  • Online registration with self-assigned user-ID and passwords.
Reviewer Portfolios

If permitted, reviewers can access an organization’s program services via a secure workspace:

  • Reviewer portfolios allow clients to access and manage multiple submissions and cases
  • Reviewer management provides features for assignment, conflict of interest checking, and much more
Interactive Help

The Portal is designed with an intuitive interface with many built in help features including:

  • Revisable interactive online guides describing services, submissions and procedures
  • In context help can be added to forms, pages, sections and even individual line items
  • Online tutorials facilitate training and user uptake
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interface

The Portal is fully integrated with Dynamics CRM providing a powerful public facing capability.

  • Submission viewers provide access to all or part of client submissions forms
  • Data exchange features allow data to be extracted or updated to submission forms
  • Process information such as decision status can be pushed to eService to keep client up to date on progress
  • Full submission control can be managed through CRM forms, business rules, and workflows

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