Case Study: Canadian Heritage

The Challenge

As part of a modernization action plan launched in 2012, Canadian Heritage decided to enable more than 6,000 organizations to apply for its $1 billion in available funding through an online service delivery channel. Prior to 2014, all 24 programs at Canadian Heritage received applications for funding either by mail or by email. Each application had to be processed by program officers, who entered application details into a back office processing solution, reviewed each for completeness and eligibility, then assessed those applications, making recommendations and establishing paper-based agreements. Clients who received funding then provided any reports and paper requests either by mail or email as well.

The Solution

Using its CRM Government Client Portal™ and iGrant™ solutions, Eperformance  worked with Bell Canada to deliver an enterprise class solution to support funding requests at Canadian Heritage. Based on requirements provided by the department, Eperformance configured the client portal and its iGrant™ solution, enabling the first clients to apply online 7 months after Bell and Eperformance  were awarded the contract, work completed on budget. The solution allows the department to implement standards, and yet be flexible about program specific requirements as needed. During the course of the work, Eperformance provided its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting, Configuration and Support services.

The Result

Canadian Heritage continues to use the Eperformance solution to support online service delivery and enable a response to the Policy on Service. Over the last year, it has expanded use of the solution and now accommodates roughly 1/6 of all client volume based on the solution. The solution and moving to online service delivery has expanded modernization options available to the department, and revealed the potential to explore approaches that reduce the cost of service delivery, while improving service and enabling better performance.

The result